Tegan and Sara Set to Release DVD

    Spin.com had the opportunity to speak to Tegan Quin, one half of twin-sister duo Tegan and Sara, about the upcoming release of the groups first ever DVD Its Not Fun. Dont Do It!, which comes out August 8. The disc will contain a full performance the group put on at the Phoenix in Toronto, footage of the band working on 2004s So Jealous, a tour documentary, and all of their music videos to date. Tegan seemed a little non-chalant about the impending release:


    Everyone has a DVD these daysmy moms is coming out in OctoberSo why should you buy ours? Dont. Youll only be one more person we have to worry about judging us for letting you in on the big secret of Tegan and Sara.


    Thats right folks, Tegan and Sara dont want your stinking money. With this in mind, you should also seriously consider not buying the as-yet-untitled  album theyre currently at work on, which should be out some time in 2007.

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