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Teenager's Death At Electric Daisy Carnival May End Rave Festivals in L.A.

Despite how retro it may sound, raves, light shows, and carnivals in concert setting are still a regular part of the American music experience. The Electric Daisy Carnival in L.A. hasn't gotten the press coverage of some other festivals, but with appearances from the likes of Moby, Will.i.Am, and Basement Jaxx certainly make it a regular pop music experience. At the fourtheenth Electric Daisy Festival, things got out of hand.


Over 226 people sought medical attention at the festival at the L.A. colisseum, with a variety of substance abuse-related injuries and ODs (ectasy was still a regular factor). But the death of Sasha Rodriguez, 15, of suspected drug overdose may have ended mass-scale rave events in Los Angeles once and for all.


Similar controversies surrounded the drug use and lack of ID checks at a New Year's Eve festival that resulted in one death and 18 ODs. But the death of a teenager put a halt to festivities at the L.A. Coliseum last weekend, and may stop future parties of this ilk in the future.


It's too early to report on the exact cause of Rodriguez's death, but it is pretty clear that one of the larger music celebrations in California will never quite be the same.



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Stupid kids can't rave responsibly and now the rest of us have to suffer. If anything good comes from this, hopefully it will be that raves become an 18 and over thing.


people OD sitting on the beach. does that mean we cant go swimming?? wtf sorry that girl was a drug head, don't take away every ones good times cuz of one bad egg.


My prayers go to this poor young girl and her family. But I need to say that I went with my husband and my 22 year old daughter and friends and we had the time of our lives , we also went to EDC last year and everyone watches out for each other there is much love from everyone and done responsibly everyone there is having an experience of a life time that is shared by all with feel good music and a unity of people. I agree this event and others like it should be for 18 and older. Let's not take away an event that brings great music and people of all ages together for a weekend of extreme fun and happiness. Don't knock it till you try it!!


dude seriously. yah blame all of us for the security not checking her id. parents should sue the LA police


I give my respects to the family but the girl was to young to be at a rave and i do hope they allow raves back at the collisuium bur they should do it 18 and over where no one is to blame and its an all adults function !!!! i ope they do make it 18 and older ! kids should not be or ever be allowed there not allowed at clubs are they ! once again i give my appologies and respect may sasha r.i.p. may god be by her famils side at these hard time


why did her parents let her go to a rave that big anyway?? seriously they should blame irresponsible parents and that girl, sasha, it was her fault and no one elses. That weekend was a time filled with joy and happiness and a unity of people simply having a good time. This is dumb. Just make it 18 and over then. I have never been to EDC before and I definitely don't want my chances to be ruined just because of one death.


seriously sorry for the loss of this young girl but seriously everyone here can agree that she had no right being there if anything her legal guardians are to blame. all raves should be 18 and no matter what. the city really needs to think this through can they really handle the rage of thousands all at once again hello LA riots all over again. plus i know for a fact the city does benefit from this massive n others as well when thousands of people come from all accross the US to these events n spend their money in LA. LA was pact that weekend.


I can't believe that woman went on Dr.Phil to talk about it. Thee entire segment was so once sided it's no wonder you have people think that raves are dangerous. Either way, I'll stick with my undergrounds, where I can freely do as I want.


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