Taz Arnold Interview On Karmaloop

    Well, file this under thingsthatturnedouttobeasawkwardasyouexpectedthemtobe. Taz Arnold, one third of SA-RA Creative Partners, takes a couple to chop it up. Being that the clip is for Karmaloop, most of the talk relates to fashion–which is a sensible extension of SA-RA’s freaknik, stutter-step aesthetic. But Taz (or “Ti$aaaa!” as he frequently refers to himself) also talks about music, describing his upcoming solo album Hood Love as a “musical.” I imagine he means that in the broadest possible sense. He also subtitles the album “Rad America,” just to give you a sense of where his head-space is at. Other highlights include listening to the brother speak about himself in the third person and watching at how not-there his homegirl appears to be.