Taylor Swift Named Biggest Earning Musician Of 2011

    Billboard just announced its annual list of the biggest earners in the music business, with country-pop star Taylor Swift way out in front. The figures make it clearer than ever that touring is where the money is—Swift reportedly earned $35.7 million last year, with $29.8 million of that coming from her Speak Now world tour.

    The rest of the list bears few surprises, with Swift’s fellow country star Kenny Chensey at No. 3 and U2 taking the No. 2 slot after a year of solid touring. It’s outside the top 10 that a few eyebrows might get raised—the Journey revival has gathered so much pace now that the band is able to outsell Elton John and Katy Perry. Check out the full list over at Billboard.

    Top 10 music earners of 2011:


    1. Taylor Swift – $35.7 million
    2. U2 – $32.2 million
    3. Kenny Chesney – $29.8 million
    4. Lady Gaga – $25.3 million
    5. Lil Wayne – $23.2 million
    6. Sade – $16.4 million
    7. Bon Jovi – $15.8 million
    8. Celine Dion – $14.3 million
    9. Jason Aldean – $13.4 million
    10. Adele – $13.1 million