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Taylor Swift collaborates with Def Leppard

Taylor Swift—that’s a thing, right? Your little sister’s favorite Teen Country Music Superstar Who Isn’t Technically Fictional will be collaborating with that band that your mom loved when she still smoked Marlboro Reds and rode around in an IROC-Z with a roadie who became your father. The 19-year-old singer will be performing “Photograph” with Def Leppard for the CMT Crossroads special airing this Nov. 7. Fans of contrived, vaguely creepy forced collaborations won’t have to wait that long though as the video will start airing on CMT and Lisa Frank-themed MySpace pages this Friday. Swift tells People that the collaboration is a “dream come true” because that’s what her publicist told her to say. Sure, why not? [People]


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Def Leppard
Taylor Swift

Contrived by the record company or not, this was a huge success. I think they should colaborate together more. Taylor's voice is a perfect blend with Def Leppard's sound.

Def Lep Fan

I don't know if taylor's voice is a *perfect* blend with the DL sound, but the vocal/harmony arrangements worked quite well AFAIC...

It certainly would be great if the guys in DL and Taylor would do some collaboration in the future - preferably in the studio along with Mutt Lange. This would be a formula for success, and a tried and proven one at that, given what Mutt has done with Shania Twain.


Dude, it's not "Photographs" it's "PHOTOGRAPH". Get it right man. Your title blunder just shows you aren't fit to write anything related to Def Leppard. And since you don't have any real knowledge about the band I suggest you refrain from voicing an opinion. If you don't know anything about it you have no right to comment on it. Maybe it would help to actually listen to a Def Lep song b4 you bash them.



/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

They sounded great and she was perfect doing lead on their songs. They let her lead out the whole way and she did well plus she has the perfect look to work with a group like def lep.


To me she looked like she really got into the music and really enjoyed the experience of performing with Def Leppard. It would appear to myself that the original author of this article had a predetermined stance against the older band. Maybe a lack of self confidence to stand up and appreciate something that the

random fella

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