Taylor Momsen Of Gossip Girl Inexplicably Plays A Mashup Of Rihanna And The xx

    If you, like me, watch Gossip Girl (What? The first season was cool, guys.) then you may be familiar with Taylor Momsen, who plays “Little J” Jenny Humphrey on the show. Momsen also has a music career as frontwoman of the band the Pretty Reckless. This YouTube video finds her performing a strange mashup of the xx’s “Islands” and Rihanna’s chorus on Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.” Honestly, this is worth little more than a wtf? listen, with Momsen sounding like she’s singing through a Peter Frampton talk box for the first verse and nothing particularly interesting happening musically. I’ve got to admit, though, that those songs do flow into each other in a bizarrely natural way. If you’re interested for whatever reason, the Pretty Reckless have an album called Light Me Up due next week. Hear Momsen’s mashup for yourself below. [Fader]