Talking Heads Live DVD Coming Soon

    As far as live performance films go, there’s nothing better than Talking Heads Stop Making Sense. But the Heads are going to try to top themselves with a new live DVD set: Called Chronology, the DVD collects live performances from the Talking Heads from their early shows in 1975, all the way up to their 2002 performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The DVD is out on Oct. 18, with a deluxe edition featuring a 48-page book of photos, and a Lester Bangs essay. Here’s the performance track list:

    01. Mic Test (1976)

    02. With Our Love (1975)

    03. I’m Not in Love (1975)

    04. Psycho Killer (1975)

    05. Intros Montage (1976)

    06. The Girls Want to Be with the Girls (1976)

    07. Don’t Worry About the Government (1978)

    08. Dressing Room Fan Footage: Found a Job (1978)

    09. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel (1978)

    10. Warning Sign (1978)

    11. Artists Only (1979)

    12. Take Me to the River (1979)

    13. Crosseyed and Painless (1980)

    14. Animals (1980)

    15. Love ? Building on Fire (1982)

    16. Cities (1982)

    17. Burning Down the House (1983)

    18. Life During Wartime (2002)