Talib Kweli On Working With Mos Def, Tyler Perry Movies

    Talib Kweli has been in the studio with Mos Def–sorry, Yasiin–working on new Black Star material. “We don’t have plans for an album; we do songs here and there, and if we like something, we put it out,” he said in an interview with Vibe. When Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star dropped in 1998, Kweli recalled, “people were excited about albums.” For the present day, the rapper has done his homework:

    Research points to the fact that they’re excited for individual artists, individual movements, and individual things. It’ll switch back at some point, but right now, the focus is songs.

    By the interviewer, Kweli is also asked a ‘random’ question about director Tyler Perry’s decision to cast Kim Kardashian in his new movie, The Marriage Counselor, and how he feels about fans threatening to boycott the film. While Kweli isn’t a Perry fan “per se,” he acknowledged the director’s good business sense and commended Perry for what he’s done for black actors and actresses, as far as employment goes. He did, however, say, “But we’re not talking about quality plots or storylines and this and that.” You can read the rest of the piece over at Vibe.