‘Taken 2’ Predicted To Easily Top Weekend Box Office

    Liam Neeson has become quite a popular action star in recent years, and audiences are flocking to see his latest movie, Taken 2. Taken to where, you ask? Taken to the top of the box office, of course!

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film started its release with an estimated $18.6 million on Friday, and it’s predicted to bring in nearly $50 million for the entire weekend. That’s much higher than the still successful opening weekend ($24.7 million) for Taken in 2009.

    Another new release, Tim Burton’s stop-motion feature Frankenweenie, based on one of his early shorts from 1984, only took in $3.3 million on Friday, putting it in fifth place. It’s predicted to make a number in the low teens for the entire weekend.

    It looks like Hotel Transylvania, another spooky animated movie, will beat Frankenweenie this weekend. The film topped the box office last weekend, and now it’s reported to have made $6.5 million on Friday, with a predicted weekend total of between $23-25 million.

    Another new wide release, the musical comedy Pitch Perfect, which opened in limited release last weekend to $5.1 million, made $4.9 million on Friday, and it’s predicted to make an amount somewhere in the mid-teens for the weekend.