‘Taken 2’ Makes Nearly $105 Million Worldwide

    Last weekend Taken 2 topped the American box office and doubled the opening weekend earnings of the original Taken, making $50 million and further establishing Liam Neeson as the latest action star to watch. The film has also taken the world by storm, raking in millions more globally.

    According to Variety, Taken 2 made $104.7 million globally between Oct. 3-7. That includes $55.3 million in 28 overseas markets, including the U.K., France and Australia. In most markets, the new sequel made more than the original.

    The U.K. made the most, with $11.9 million, more than the entire box office haul of the original Taken in that market. France took in $8.4 million, and Australia made $8.1 million. The numbers weren’t as impressive in Russia, where the film made a modest $1.9 million.

    The overseas earnings also looked good for Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which opened in Germany to $15.4 million. Its overseas earnings are up to $451 million, making it the highest-earning film in the franchise. It’s not the end for the animated film, which opens in the U.K. on Oct. 19.

    With talked-about films like Sinister and Argo opening in the U.S. this weekend, it will be interesting to see whether Taken 2 continues its reign as box office champ.