‘Taken 2’ Earns Twice As Much As ‘Taken’ On Opening Weekend

    Yesterday it was predicted that Liam Neeson’s latest action thriller Taken 2 would easily top this weekend’s box office. It appears that it will do just that, making $50 million on its opening weekend, according to The Los Angeles Times.

    It looks like 2 doesn’t just describe this movie’s number in the franchise; it also applies to the movie’s box office earnings, which are twice as much as Taken‘s earnings on its opening weekend in 2009. The original film made a still impressive $24.7 million for its debut.

    Unfortunately, Tim Burton’s latest animated movie Frankenweenie didn’t fare so well this weekend. It earned only $11.5 million on its opening weekend. Last weekend’s winner, Hotel Transylvania, seemed to attract most of the animation lovers, earning another $26.3 million for the weekend. Frankenweenie did, however, manage to attract more 3D viewers than its spooky competition. About half of the audience for Burton’s film saw it in 3D, whereas last weekend only 35 percent of Hotel Transylvania‘s audience bought 3D tickets.

    The college singing comedy Pitch Perfect had a nice weekend. It expanded to wide release this weekend and made $14.5 million. Over 10 days of ticket sales, the film has made $21.6 million.