‘Taken 2’ Cribs Two Songs From ‘Drive’

    One of the biggest success stories of 2011 was a little movie called Drive. Director Nicholas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling weren’t exactly unknowns just breaking into Hollywood, but the film certainly wasn’t expected to become the cultural touchstone it is today. 

    One of the biggest reasons why the picture ended up taking off the way it did has to be its soundtrack. Moody and atmospheric films that don’t feature a lot of dialogue end up being carried and defined by their soundtracks, and Drive is no exception. Filled with low-key electronic music reminiscent of moody ’80s thrillers, the Drive score is popular enough in its own right that it just received a vinyl reissue. 

    The producers of the upcoming action adventure Taken 2 must have been quite ‘taken’ themselves with the music of the Gosling vehicle. So much so, in fact, that they’ve included two prominent songs from Drive in their own picture. According to IndieWire, both College & Electric Youth’s ‘A Real Hero’ and ‘Tick of the Clock’ by the Chromatics will be incorporated into the Liam Neeson sequel. 

    While Taken 2 and its music probably isn’t going to inspire the same enthusiasm as Drive did a year ago, there’s no denying that the inclusion of these songs will contribute a lot of emotion to what will likely be an excellent action film.