Take a Look At This Trailer For the Highly-Anticipated Graphic Novel About John Lennon

    While we'll largely see the New York years, his whole life is covered.

    John Lennon New York Years Graphic Novel

    Graphic novels are no longer the domain of the comic book store. It’s a legitimate storytelling medium, and the success of Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth’s ‘Indeh: A Story of the Apache Wars’ further emboldened publishers to produce more books of this kind. While this graphic novel about a legendary Beatle might not have been written by a movie star like Hawke, it should be as eagerly anticipated as Hawke’s work about the Native Americans in the 1800s.

    Eric Corbeyran, a French writer, and Horne, a French artist, use David Foeniknos’ book, ‘Lennon’, which came out in 2010, as the source for their graphic novel, ‘Lennon: The New York Years‘. All three get equal billing on the cover, which is a stark illustration of Lennon’s face. Everything in the book is in black and white, even the cover. It’s hard to tell what’s reflected in his glasses. You can take a look at the trailer for it:

    The art style, which seems to be largely digitally drawn, is a step above the typical comic art. While the bulk of the book will deal with Lennon’s time in New York, it will also chronicle his time growing up in Liverpool. We’ll see him from his destitute days to when he and the Beatles were ready to take on the world. There will be scenes of his meeting Yoko Ono, the woman who still make some Beatles fans grit their teeth, to his becoming a father. His infamous bed-in will also be shown.

    We all know how this will ultimately end, with Lennon winding up dead in a hospital, thanks to Mark David Chapman’s gun. There will probably be some panels about the ensuing grief, where the entire world didn’t know how to process the sudden loss of this musical genius. We all will likely be dreading reaching that section.

    Lennon: The New York Years spans 156 pages and will be published by IDW Publishing. Its release date is May 30 and it will be sold in bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon.