Take Carl Weathers, Add ‘Arrested Development,’ And Baby, You’ve Got Stew!

    Now that Arrested Development is officially filming and will actually return, despite what your worst fears might be making you think, we can all relax and move on with our lives. There’s no need to dwell on every little aspect and read every scrap of news about perhaps the greatest series in the history of television. 

    Who am I kidding? We must know it all!

    Therefore, in Amazing Things That Make Everyone Happy news, Carl Weathers will reprise his role as himself in Arrested Development‘s upcoming fourth season. For those of you who don’t remember, Weathers, the star of such films as Predator and Action Jackson, played a slightly exaggerated version of himself who was coaching David Cross’ Tobias Funke as an actor. 

    Vulture has reported that Weathers is joining other bit players like Judy Greer (“Say goodbye to these!”), Mae Whitman (“Her?”) and Jeff Garlin (“Marry me!”), among others, but it won’t give us the juiciest detail of all: is there going to be stew?