Take A Look At RoboCop’s Motorcycle

    The upcoming RoboCop remake boasts an impressive cast that includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire). However, that list alone isn’t enough to set it apart from its predecessor. The original was a unique and satirical look at crime and wealth, and it casts a long shadow that this movie will have to move out of. 

    One change, as reported by ComingSoon.net, is that RoboCop will now predominantly ride a motorcycle. In the 1987 version, the titular hero was a police officer in Detroit. Therefore, he frequently appeared behind the wheel of a futuristic Motor City creation — a Ford Taurus. 

    And while sequels later showed RoboCop tooling around Motown on a hog from time to time, his car was an iconic part of the series’ mythology. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see a new sleek RoboCop zipping around on a futuristic bike. Hopefully, the satire will be as cutting in 2013 as it wasy 26 years earlier.