Take A Deep Breath And Watch The ‘Evil Dead’ International Trailer

    When the makers of the original Evil Dead set out to create their masterpiece, they wanted to scare the crap out of everyone who saw it. In a lot of ways, they succeeded at creating a masterful story of suspense and horror that left people feeling unsettled and afraid for years to come. 

    However, they later realized that a lot of what they had made was pretty silly. Much of that has to do with the movie’s low budget, the effects they were able to create and the makeup that they had to make do with. As such, Evil Dead 2 was part remake and part riff on its predecessor. By the time the third installment, Army of Darkness, came out, thinks had devolved into awesome camp. 

    So when it was announced that original director Sam Raimi would oversee a straight-up remake, people wondered if it would have any of the slapstick and “fake Shemps” of the previous series of films. 

    Watch the international teaser for Evil Dead below. You will see immediately that they aren’t screwing around. In fact, this update looks like it’s going to be so much scarier than the original that you won’t be able to compare the two. Fair warning: you’re going to be freaked out.