Take A Deep Breath And Watch A Teaser For ‘The Evil Dead’ Remake

    About 30 years ago, a group of friends who had an appreciation for home movies and horror films drove into the woods. They took with them some old camera equipment, a bunch of makeup and a lot of fake blood. They emerged with the footage that would eventually be assembled into The Evil Dead, perhaps the greatest cult horror film of all time. The director was Sam Raimi, and he would go on to fame and fortune directing the first trilogy of Spider-Man movies during the last decade. 

    If you’ve heard that The Evil Dead is getting a remake, don’t worry that it’ll be watered down. Raimi himself is in charge, and if reports are to be believed, this version has required even more fake blood than the original.

    According to IndieWire, the teaser trailer you can watch below was premiered this weekend at the New York Comic Con. The audience was reportedly delighted and disgusted, which are two things you should be prepared for if you’re interested in The Evil Dead series. Check out this absolutely NSFW-video and prepare for creeping dread that turns people into demons and corrupts the woods themselves.