T-Pain To Guest Star On Adult Swim’s ‘Squidbillies’

    I have only seen bits and pieces of typically wacky Adult Swim program Squidbillies, but I get the feeling that having T-Pain as a guest star was a smart move. I mean, I doubt a bunch of his fans will suddenly stay up (and get high as fuck) to watch the show. But it should be reasonably hilarious to see him in all of his cartoon-y and Auto-Tune’d glory hanging out with the animated weirdos on Squidbillies. He’s not just guest starring, though. Apparently he also recorded a song called “(I Like) Driving In My Truck” with the show’s Unknown Hinston, who voices the character Early Cuyler. I just wish that T-Pain/Neko Case show had come to fruition.

    The season premiere airs on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 11:45 p.m.