T-Pain Says Auto-Tune Is Dead

    As the ostensible target of Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.,” T-Pain has, for years, been the face of Auto-Tune in the national consciousness. But according to recent interview on All Hip Hop, T-Pain claims he’s over using Auto-Tune, vowing to never use it again.

    “I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again,” T-Pain told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. “I’m onto something that I think is bigger and better called ‘The T-Pain Effect.'”

    The T-Pain Effect? That’s almost certainly some code word for “Auto-Tune of my own creation.” But maybe Pain really will quit the Auto-Tune. If so, expect a terrible regular rap album from Pain, and a return to Auto-Tune for the cash in 2015. [AHH]