Sylvester Stallone Turns ‘Rambo 5’ Into ‘Hunter’

    A lot of action stars tend to slow down as they get older. Clint Eastwood, for instance, seems content to let a younger generation take out the punks and bad guys that populate Hollywood movies. Even Bruce Willis is willing to act his age and appear alongside a younger version of himself in the upcoming time-travel thriller Looper

    Not Sylvester Stallone. In the past few years, he’s worked both behind and in front of the camera in pictures like Rambo, The Expendables and next year’s Bullet to the Head. Fans of his recent return to form will be happy to know that he doesn’t show any signs of letting up, even at 66 years of age, as he’s reportedly ready to write, direct and star in yet another film adventure. 

    According to IndieWire, Sly has purchased the rights to the James Byron Huggins novel Hunter. It tells the tale of an Arctic mission to locate and destroy a genetically altered-beast that’s gone on a murderous rampage and can’t be contained by anyone but the elite hunter who’s on the trail. 

    Years ago, the buzz surrounding Hunter indicated that Stallone might use it as the basis for Rambo 5. However, it appears that giving a sci-fi edge to the action hero wasn’t feasible, and the plot was deemed strong enough to be adapted on its own.