Syl Johnson’s Daughter Speaks On Kanye/Jay-Z Lawsuit

    Syl Johnson’s daughter, Syleena Johnson, sat down for a radio interview last week on Sway Calloway’s Sirius XM show, Sway in the Morning. And as you might have guessed, one of the main topics was her father’s lawsuit against Kanye West and Jay-Z for the uncleared use of his song in Watch The Throne bonus track “The Joy.” This is of course relevant because of her obvious ties to her father and the fact she appeared on one of Yeezy’s early hits, “All Falls Down.”

    Syleena clarifies that the suit might name Kanye and Jay because it’s their album, but in reality the issue is actually with their label and not the rappers themselves. Because as she says, it’s up to the label to clear the sample. She then adds that her father isn’t all “I’m gonna get Kanye!” or anything like that. “He just wants his money,” Syleena says. Fair enough. You can stream the interview below. [Rap Radar]