Syl Johnson Vs. Kanye West & Jay-Z Lawsuit Settled

    Last December, we noted that both sides in the Syl Johnson vs. Kanye West & Jay-Z case appeared ready to fight. Well, it looks like our assumptions were wrong, because the two sides have settled. According to TMZ, court documents filed in Illinois federal court this week indicated that the case was dismissed following a settlement, though the terms haven’t been disclosed. Will they ever be disclosed? Probably not.

    In case you haven’t been keeping track, this case started back in October when Johnson learned that his song “Different Strokes” had been sampled for use on Watch The Throne cut “The Joy.” Apparently Yeezy tried clearing the sample so he could use it on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but was unable to do so. That clearly didn’t stop him from using it, as it later appeared on WTT, which prompted a lawsuit from Johnson.