SXSW Probably Didn’t Break Your Band, But It Probably Helped Skrillex

    The story of an unknown band riding into SXSW and coming out conquering indie rock heroes is part of the mythology that makes SXSW what it is. But is it really a place for an unknown band to break out anymore? According to the folks at Digital Music News, not even close. But it’s a good thing for big name acts.

    DMN dissected social media with help from tracking service Monstro, finding that known bands going into SXSW were the ones that gained the most mentions on social media networks, which is basically how we measure a band “breaking” these days. Apparently the biggest social media winner from SXSW was Miike Snow, who experienced a huge jump in social media mentions during the week of SXSW. Though, that could have been as much to do with their album leaking and being out soon. Skrillex also had a good SXSW, along with Keane, which yikes.

    Anyway, it’s an interesting thing to think about. Read more over here.