The Sword Guitarist Releases Rip-Roaring Metal Cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money,” Announces Cover of Full ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ LP

    It’s the first single from Kyle Shutt’s side-project Doom Side of the Moon.

    Guitarist for heavy metal revivalists The Sword has just announced the upcoming release of his full-length cover album of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Clearly inspired by the record’s darker elements, his new side-project Doom Side of the Moon looks to make the iconic LP even blacker than before.

    Kyle Shutt – best known for his riff work with The Sword – will drop his doom-laden version of the album on August 4, which is ready for pre-orders on Amazon, as well as on the group’s official store page. He also plans to perform his devilish rendition of it on August 5 in Austin, TX in its entirety.

    Meanwhile, Shutt has put out the first single for the album with the riff-centric cracker “Money.” It finds the seasoned performer accentuate the main guitar line with real ferocity, while the rest of the band deliver the most ungodly backing instrumentals you’re ever likely to hear of the hit single. The moon just got a whole lot darker with this beastly version of the track.

    While it might come as a shock to some, psychedelic rock has been a huge influence on the formation of heavy metal. Bands like genre innovators Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin both acknowledge acts such as The Beatles in their work, and The Sword are largely inspired by the two aforementioned heavy acts. Kyle Shutt’s appreciation of the classic Pink Floyd record is evidence of the blurry genre’s effect on heavy metal bands, both old and new.

    Known as one of heavy metal’s great retro-styled artists, The Sword rose to prominence with their second LP in 2008 entitled Gods of the Earth. Through the band’s unique brand of stoner and doom metal, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with in the metal community. Their last record, High Country, was a critical and commercial success, and reached number 74 on the Australian Album Charts, making it the outfit’s first album to chart outside of the UK and U.S.