Swizz Beatz Still Interested In Being CEO Of MegaUpload

    It feels like the more we find out the background of MegaUpload and their founder, the crazier the story gets. Last week, when the site was shut down, it was announced that Swizz Beatz was the CEO of the company at the time. It turns out that wasn’t entirely accurate, but not entirely off the mark. Apparently, Swizz was in talks to join the company as the CEO, once the company got out from under the legal stuff that was happening pre-shutdown, but that fell by the wayside this week.

    However, Swizz is reportedly not ready to let the company go: Assuming the site gets back up and is on legal ground, he still wants to join the company. At least according to a source who talked to MTV. So, Swizz Beatz might be MegaUpload CEO yet. [HipHopDX