Swizz Beatz Implicated In MegaUpload Case

    When MegaUpload was shut down by authorities earlier this year, it seemed the file-sharing site’s eccentric founder Kim Dotcom was the craziest aspect of the story. But that’s not the half of it. Producer Swizz Beatz was rumored to be the CEO, then backed off his claim as the site came tumbling down.

    The Feds aren’t so sure he’s clean. MegaUpload recently filed a dismissal against the US Attorney’s office on the grounds that the site is a foreign company with no offices or agents on American soil. But attorney Neil McBride asserts this is false, stating that the company did have two US CEOs, one of which was Swizz Beatz after all. He claims Beatz represented the company in person at the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

    Beatz has refused to help with the case, with his lawyer still adamantly denying the allegations. But if he’s served, he’ll be required to come clean about his role in the ungoing MegaUpload saga. [The Fader]