Swans Release Details Of Live Album

    We already knew there was a Swans live album coming, but now details of the various formats it will be released in have been made available. Michael Gira has become known for treating his fans well, and the release of We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun In Our Head is no exception.

    The Young God website shows the different ways you can buy the album, including a package that will feature an MP3 of “a simple, short, original song, acoustic guitar and voice, with customers’ name in the song, praising the customer.” That option will cost you a cool $500, but Gira assures us, in all caps, “YES THIS IS REAL.” Other packages include a chance to pre-order the next Swans studio album, The Seer.

    Head over here to pre-order the record and check out the formats. The track listing looks like this:

    Disc One:

    1. Intro/No Words No Thoughts
    2. Jim
    3. Beautiful Child
    4. The Apostate
    5. Yr Property
    6. Sex God Sex

    Disc Two:

    1. The Seer (intro)/I Crawled
    2. Eden Prison
    3. 93 Ave. B Blues/Little Mouth
    4. Hello There *
    5. Lunacy *
    6. The Mother of the World *
    7. The Daughter Brings the Water *
    8. A Piece of the Sky *
    9. The Seer *
    10. Goodbye *

    *Demos/Special Website Only Recordings