Surfer Blood To Go Hi-Fi On Next Album

    Surfer Blood’s JP Pitts recently told NME that the band will move away from their fidelity-challenged roots on their follow up to Astro Coast. He explained that his ’90s alt-influenced band “never intended to be lo-fi” and that the rough sound on their debut album was a consequence of budget limitations (or, in Pitts’ words, because it was “recorded on shitty equipment in my apartment”).


    Surfer Blood will probably get a lot of helping crafting that desired “big” sound from new label Warner Brothers. This direction doesn’t seem like much of a surprise since they seem to take more inspiration from Pavement’s warm, easy melodicism then Malkmus and friends’ brilliant experimental scribbles (check out this cover of “Box Elder“).


    This spring, Surfer Blood will release a final EP, I’m Not Ready (set for April 5).