Surfer Blood Decidedly Bloodier With Weird Wives Side Project

    Inquire about any pop band’s dark alter-ego, and they will usually confirm it. It appears during a long band practice when, due to either frustation or boredom, instruments are switched, volume knobs are raised and things get “heavy.”


    Yes, even Hanson probably found themselves thrust into some of the most evil-sounding music you could ever imagine during that few-minute period when a tired band shirks their artistic vision in favor of making the loudest noise possible. But, it’s quite a rarity when this alter-ego, now christened with a scary sounding moniker, actually continues beyond the main project. Even rarer: when it’s respectably good.


    This is the case with this Melvins-esque side project Weird Wives. Consisting of

    Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete, bassist Brian Black and touring percussionist Marcos Marchesani along with outside vocalist Nick Klein, the band is here to kick some ass and rupture some ear drums. [Stereogum]