Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Eminem/Universal Case

    It seems like Eminem’s long-gestating lawsuit against Universal over iTunes royalties has finally been resolved: The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear Universal’s appeal of a lower court ruling, which ruled in Eminem’s favor. Basically, the lower court ruled that since iTunes sales were not physical, the sale of the songs on iTunes is a license, not a retail scenario, which thus entitles Eminem to 50 percent of his catalog’s sales on iTunes, as opposed to the 3-5 percent that he was entitled to under the old agreement. The case is a huge boon for artists with pre-iTunes contracts, who might be able to challenge their labels for more money. But most artitsts getting signed to labels now have clauses that give labels bigger pieces of the iTunes pie than Eminem’s old contract would allow. But how crazy would it have been if we could have had a rapper at the Supreme Court? [HypeBot