Superfan, self-admitted skate nerd gets Morrissey video director gig

    Anyone who regularly checks out Patrick O’Dell’s photoblog epiclylaterd — a pleasant but sometimes nauseating mix of pro skaters not skating and NYC hipster girls not doing anything — knows that he’s pretty much a Morrissey superfan. (Check out his site; it’s as if Moz’s lyrics saved his life or something.) So it must’ve come as a shock to the Vice mag photog — and skate documentarian on VBS.TV — that Merck Mercuriadis asked him to direct the video for "All You Need Is Me." Short of a lo-fi, DIY Panda Bear video shoot, he’s never helmed a major music video before, let alone direct such an effort. While out in Los Angeles, O’Dell got a call from Mercuriadis, and the next day there he was, making a Morrissey video.  “I was blown away,” said O’Dell in the New York Observer. “I didn’t understand why they were asking me to do it because I don’t direct music videos … It took me a while to even calm down about it … I was so freaked out!”


    This isn’t quite an epic video. Then again, there are very few epic Morrissey vids in his canon. If you really, want to see where O’Dell shines, check out his VBS show.