Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan Performs, Talks “Digging For Something” For A.V. Club

    It took just about nine years for Superchunk to release a new album after 2001’s aptly titled Here’s to Shutting Up, but they finally did it in 2010 with the excellent Majesty Shredding. The album got off to a killer start with opener “Digging for Something,” a track frontman Mac McCaughan breaks down and performs for AV Club’s One Track Mind. As fans of the band know full well, Mac hasn’t always had the easiest time explaining his lyrics. But he makes it clear that “Digging for Something” is a straightforward look at when he and his bandmates were adults, but not in the way they are now. It’s a nostalgic romp without the cheese, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s catchy as all hell. You can watch Mac discuss the track below. Head over to AV Club to watch the performance.