Superchunk’s live Clambakes coming

    If you’re hungering for artifacts from the early days of indie rock, Superchunk has got you covered with their Clambakes series of archival live recordings. Clambakes Vol. 4 will soon be winging its way to your waiting ears, as a digital-only release available exclusively from the Merge Records online store. Set for a January 13 release, The Clambakes Vol. 4: Sur La Bouche captures a Superchunk show from Montreal’s Backstreet club in March 1993, when the band was touring on its Matador album On The Mouth. Bettie Serveert was the opening band (ah, the ’90s…sigh), though sadly you’ll have to crash somebody else’s clambake for that recording. And if you happen to be one of those smart cookies that signed up to be part of Merge’s 20th anniversary SCORE! subscription plan, you’ll be getting the Clambake sent to you for free, the first of many planned digital goodies from the Merge vaults that will hit your inbox in ’09.