Superchunk to Release Leaves in the Gutter EP

    It’s been a long time, almost eight years in fact, since Superchunk put out Here’s to Shutting Up, their last proper, and excellent, album of new material. But considering Superchunkers Mac and Laura run Merge Records and have put out at least a dozen vital records in that time from the likes of Spoon, Arcade Fire, Destroyer and plenty others, I suppose we can forgive them if they took a break from their own vital tunes. But on April 7, Superchunk is back with a new EP called Leaves in the Gutter. The disc is basically all new material, though "Misfits & Mistakes" was originally released as a vinyl-only single. But those who heard that great rock song know that Superchunk hasn’t lost a step in its 20 long years, so it’ll be great to hear even a slight collection of new stuff from the North Carolina darlings. Next up, a new Archers of Loaf EP perhaps? Keep your fingers crossed, kids.


    Track list:

    01. Learned to Surf

    02. Misfits & Mistakes

    03. Screw it Up

    04. Knock Knock Knock

    05. Learned to Surf (acoustic demo)


    While you Superchunk fans eagerly await April 7, you can head over to the Merge Store now and pick up a digital copy of Sur la Bouche – Live in Montreal 1993. This energetic set is the fourth volume in Superchunk’s Clambakes series of rare live performances, and is basically essential, as far as digital live albums go. [Pitchfork]