Superchunk+Meatwad=indie rock greatness

    Meatwad make the money, see? Meatwad get the honeys, see? Meatwad rock with Superchunk, see?
    On June 5th, Merge Records will release a brand spankin’ new 7″ from the label’s flagship band, Superchunk. It will contain two versions of the band’s new song “Misfits and Mistakes.” The A-side is a regular band run-through of the tune. The B-side is where things get really fun. It’s a version with vocals from Meatwad of Aqua Teen Hunger Force! He always has seemed pretty superchunky.
    Merge says the song will be “unavailable elsewhere.” So I’m guessing that means it might be featured in the upcoming Aqua Teen film but not actually on the released soundtrack. Details on that indie and hip-hop friendly compilation here.