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Superchunk Announces Record Store Day Split With Coliseum

Record Store Day never fails to bring all sorts of exclusive and interesting new records into the world each year, but Merge has announced one Record Store Day special that is sure to raise some eyebrows. Flagship act Superchunk will be putting out a split 7" with Temporary Residence's bruising post-punk powerhouse Coliseum. Things get more interesting: both bands will be contributing Misfits covers. Superchunk takes on "Horror Business," a track they've been playing live since 1997, while Coliseum offers their moody take on "Bullet," recorded during the same sessions that yielded last year's House With A Curse. Artwork was handled by Coliseum guitarist/vocalist Ryan Patterson, and the 7" will be limited to 1,500 copies.


Record Store Day falls on April 16 this year.



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odd, but good, pairing

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yeah i thought it was a real strange pairing but cool nonetheless

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