Sunset Rubdown On Hiatus

    In an interview with Exclaim about their out-tomorrow Expo 86, the dudes in Wolf Parade took a moment to talk about their side projects, with Dan Boeckner promising new Handsome Furs soon. The bigger news is that Spencer Krug said he’s sort of putting Sunset Rubdown on hiatus to work on a Moonface album in his off-time from Wolf Parade instead.

    “I’m taking it easy, is the short answer,” he says, “but the long answer is that I am kind of fooling around with ideas for another Moonface recording… I’m working on some new stuff for that, guitar and vocal kind of stuff. It’s the same as like, sitting around doing crosswords, it’s very relaxing.”

    Dude has been going full-bore for like five years, so it’s good he can take a break. But still, given Sunset Rubdown just getting better and better with each new album, it’s kind of a bummer we won’t have one from that band any time soon. [Exclaim]