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Suge Knight offered $1 million to have rematch

Las Vegas promoters are offering $1 million to the winner of a rematch between Suge Knight and the 5'10" barbershop owner. The fight would be bare knuckle and happen in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. It's being reported that an invite has been sent to Suge, but the promoters have been unable to find the guy that knocked him out. [TMZ



Greg "The Barber" speaks on knocking out Suge Knight (Video)



Video footage of Suge Knight after knockout

Suge Knight knocked out (Photos) 

Suge Knight - Video footage of Suge Knight after knockout Guitar Hero, Rock Band Konami introduces <i>Rock Revolution</i> (Video Trailer)
Suge Knight

I don't wish to sound like some old do-gooder, but it says a lot about society today when showbiz news degenerates into some rich promoter offering a fat record exec and some unknown barber to punch each others faces in for money.

Hardly classy is it?

No doubt the barber will have his own MTV reality show by next week. A search for his next showbiz bare knuckle opponent. It will probably feature New York and Flava Flav, maybe Vanilla Ice and Hulk Hogan.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/jeej/1069279.gif jeej

Its a shame what goes around comes back around again.keep ya ass out the club and try to make some money to pay off that debt you owe.


All i have to say is DAMN


boo fukin hoo i cant handle society and i try to pick up girls by saying that im disgusted by all the shiat on tv today even tho i still do all the same shiat everyone else does and rock the same gay shirts at the club that all the other fags rock.

man fuk you you fake ass mother fuka


Yeah i bet they couldnt find the dude that knocked him out. I bet that dude is on the next flight to afghanistan because suge is gonna kill him!!!


f*** suge knight and all he stands 4 f*****n jail birb i bet he has been slapped a few times in prison too hes just a bully who had b.i.g.killed 2pac killed threatened vanilla ice got dr dre punched at the vibe awards got some of his little f****** blood homies to bottle xzibit he always talks smack bout snoop.but still eats off what he got ko,d thats minor he should be dead fat f***.if he came 2 england,id meet him and do da same.get me.deathrow has died mate get over it

tony c

Let em fight...let the promoting promote, let the bets fly... and for Pac, knock him out again dude!!!!


fck that punk ass bully. the world is laughin at you now "blood"


word on the street in cali is after surges time in jail he now enjoys the man love more than the lady love. fukin homo.

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