Sugarland Lawyers Claim Fans At Fault For Stage Collapse Injuries

    If you haven’t rolled your eyes in disgust enough yet today, get a load of this. If you recall, last summer at the Indiana State Fair, a storm preceding Sugarland’s set wrecked the stage, causing it to collapse and resulting in the tragic loss of seven lives and countless other injuries. There is now a civil suit making its way through the legal system on behalf of of survivors and the families of the deceased, and it names Sugarland and Indiana State Fair producers and stage-riggers as defendents.

    Last Tuesday, Sugarland’s attorneys released a statement that literally lays the blame at the feet of the attendees. ABC News has more on the statement, but this is the relevant quote: “Some or all of the plaintiffs’ claimed injuries resulted from their own fault.” The statement later goes on to say that fans attending the gig failed to take steps to ensure their own safety.

    The reason Sugarland is named in the lawsuit, along with stage builders and show promoters, according to one of the lawyers levying the charges, is because “The concert wasn’t canceled and [fans] weren’t told to leave… [Sugarland] had a duty to warn fans.” To some that may not seem to be enough to qualify Sugarland for liability, but the respone of the band’s lawyer is unquestionably cold, and seemingly at odds with the remorse the band themselves have expressed over the tragedy. [RS]