Sugar Ray Painfully Aware of Their Fanbase, Legacy, Reunion Prospects

    Sugar Ray are in the midst of a comeback–they’re touring this summer and have a new album out in July–and in an interview with Billboard, frontman Mark McGrath, crown prince of the late-’90s douches, proved to be pretty aware of his band’s fan base, the fact that no one cares about Sugar Ray any more, and that their type of music (really bad frat rock) is donezo. I wanted to hate on dude pretty hard, but he makes it difficult. See:

    “We have realistic views of how the music industry is today. I know people aren’t sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for a Sugar Ray record. But that wasn’t the point. It was purely because we love to make music,” he says. “We’re not going anywhere. All of us have tried to sabotage the band one way or another. But some divine intervention has kept this band together and I think we all appreciate that.  I think the biggest success of Sugar Ray is that after 21 years and all the booze, drugs, women, money, having no money – all those things have come into play and we’re still together. That, to me, is the biggest reward.”

    Dude, you’re supposed to say people are going to love the record. Follow Creed’s lead.

    “Back in 2003, the writing was on the wall for bands like us,” McGrath explains in an exclusive interview with “Radio was changing, music was doing what it does, it was just going through a cycle. We weren’t selling a lot of records and we were like ‘You know, maybe we should take a break from the grind of recording and touring and see what else is out there.'”

    Damn broseph. You’ve got a point there. While the Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, and other crappy bands that were your peers tried to keep going when everyone up and decided to properly evaluate you guys by refusing to buy your CDs any more, you cats just called it quits for a spell. I suppose that makes you like geniuses or something.


    Plus, the band have titled their new album Music for Cougars, which possible big cat theme aside, acknowledges that McGrath is no longer a pin-up idol; he’s more likely to set the mothers’ of teenagers hearts aflutter these days.


    I seriously don’t know what to do here. They acknowledge no one cares about them, they have no young fans, and that their music is outdated. It’s like the exact opposite of what terrible bands say when they’re coming back for another spin on the money train.


    Music for Cougars is due out on July 21, but you don’t care. [Billboard]