Sufjan Stevens Says New Album Proves He’s Tired Of Complicated, Theatrical Music

    Sufjan Stevens recently did an interview with the Irish Times, and the singer finally admitted what many music fans had long suspected: even Stevens was getting tired of every note he played being some kind of blow struck for beauty in a cruel world. He said the feeling led to the release of his new disc, The Age of Adz:


    “The size is a response to all the theatrical clutter that characterized all my previous work. I was getting tired of that self-concious, rambling, psychobabble. I got really sick of myself and my own flawed, epic approach to everything.”


    It’s good that Stevens has a little perspective, but if The Age of Adz is supposed to be him cutting loose, he’s doing it wrong. He should maybe listen to some Buckcherry or ICP. Those guys know a little something about letting their hair down. [TwentyFourBit]