Sufjan Stevens Recording New Album in the National’s Studio

    Remember last November when Sufjan Stevens told Paste magazine that, due to an “existential creative crisis” over his ambitious BQE project, he no longer had an interest in writing songs or albums? Either that was a coy fake-out to distract fans clamoring for an Illinois follow-up or Stevens has overcome his crisis, because according to the National‘s Bryce Dessner, a new album is on its way.


    While the new songs don’t sound anything like Stevens‘ past orchestral pop releases, Dessner swears, “It’s going to be incredible. It’s going to probably blow some people’s minds.” And how does he know all this? Not only is Stevens recording in the National‘s studio, but the National is also guesting on several songs.


    No word yet on a release date, but any news is good news when it comes to new Sufjan material, am I right? [via Exclaim!]