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Sufjan Stevens plans BAM Takeover

Whether or not you share nine out of 10 critics' opinion that Sufjan Stevens is the 21st century's answer to Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, and Steve Reich all rolled into one, you can't deny the guy knows how to throw a party. Given the reins for the Takeover event occurring on September 27 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, he's come up with an unassailable roster of Brooklyn-centric multimedia entertainment to fill the seven-hour slot.


On the musical side, he's keeping things mostly local, with two Dap-Tone acts (The Budos Band and Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens), the Brooklyn Youth Choir, and former bandmate St. Vincent. A couple of Philly boys (King Britt and Vikter Duplaix) will be occupying the DJ booth, but we doubt anyone will be asking to see their BPL cards. Among the four separate film events planned, there's a Brooklyn fest that includes Saturday Night Fever, She's Gotta Have It, and The Warriors. In short, for a cat who came to Kensington by way of Detroit, Stevens sure knows how to celebrate Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Youth Choir
Budos Band
King Britt
Naomi Shelton
St. Vincent
Sufjan Stevens
Vikter Duplaix

I would sell one of my limbs to see Sufjan live in Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas.


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