Suede Set To Perform First Three Albums Live In London

    When the Coachella lineup dropped the other day, American fans of ’90s Britpop were most likely pretty psyched to see UK favorites Suede, billed as “The London Suede” (how many times can they go back and forth between the names? They currently call themselves “Suede” on their own website!) on the second day of the festival. Turns out the glam-loving UK rockers are now scheduled to treat the fans back home as well.


    NME reports that Suede is to play three shows in London on May 19, 20, and 21 at the O2 Brixton Academy. They will play their self-titled debut, Dog Star Man and Coming Up, respectively (one album per date).


    With the upcoming (London?) Suede shows and whatever Blur supposedly has in the works for 2011, it looks like the only Britpop reunion we have to wait for now is Supergrass.