Suede Reforming For One-Off Charity Show in London


    Prior to the Oasis and Blur feud that helped define Britpop, Damon Albarn and his band had a notable rivalry with Suede (also known as the London Suede). Justine Frischmann from Elastica was the fulcrum around which the feud turned, as both Albarn and Suede singer Brett Anderson had dated her.


    Not to be outdone by the recent Blur reunion, Anderson has reformed Suede for one last moment of glory, claiming they are only going to play one show as part of a benefit concert—and how many times have we heard that before, only for a band to swiftly renege on the deal and indulge in some serious bouts of touring?


    Bernard Butler won’t feature in the lineup—instead this is the Coming Up era formation (ie. Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes, Matt Osman, Simon Gilbert and Neil Codling). The show will take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on an as-yet unspecified date, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research.