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Subscribers Start to Flee Sirius XM

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that for the first time ever, the number of subscribers to Sirius XM is dropping. According to a May 8 article, "a record 1.7 million satellite-radio subscribers cancelled their service in the first quarter."


This apparently more than offset the 1.3 million new customers that Sirius XM had added in that same period. The company is placing the blame on the bad economy and slumping car sales. Or maybe Sirius XM's at-home subscribers finally figured out you can gets lots of great radio stations for free on the Interwebs?


Either way, it looks like the Sirius XM merger isn't working out as planned. [Aversion]


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Sirius XM

OMG you are truly an idiot!!

Its all the people that lost their jobs. 1.7 have been effected by the economy, the 1.3 are simply the people hat have gotten through it without any layoffs. This will stabilize sooner rather than later. The scary parts over, people are spending again.
Come back and post again when you get to Junior High when you can get a handle on basic economics.


is it possible that people are disgusted by the hideous channel merger that happened without warning last november????? hey, mel, it's time to try to get the sh*t back into the horse!!!! put all of the channels back the way they were before it's too late!!!!


There's no doubt the economy played some part in this. But when I wrote this up, my thoughts were with George and I had figured they alienated their subscriber base by firing scads of longtime DJs and altering popular channels. If we're not going to get DJs, why not turn to Internet radio?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tsclafan/moi image.jpg tonys

I hope they don't go under. I'd be very sad without XMU.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/kwaping/hoodie_hat_headphones.jpg kwaping

I completely agree with george. I want the old channels back. That merger of channels pissed off so many loyal subscribers, especially since it was done in the middle of the night without warning. Mel literally said tough sh*t to those who complained. As a stock holder, I voted against his ass for the board.


Howard doesn't even try anymore, Bubba does one Sirius exclusive show a week and Backspin is totally neuteured. I canceled last week and am not missing it at all.


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