Stupid Coachella Attendees So Mad About Kanye West Being A Headliner

    The whole hullabaloo around Coachella doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me: “We’re all super excited about who we’re going to see when we overpay for the right to stand in a desert melting our skin off!,” which then leads to the inevitable, “I don’t like the band that is headlining night two! I quit!” stuff that happens every year.


    But this year, the Coachella heads (is there a name for Coachella nuts?) are all 🙁 about Kanye West, who is headlining one night. Apparently these people believe that because West was mean to a country singer (who, need I remind you, is very terrible!) and he maybe likes himself more than he likes other people (which is understandable!) that he is an OUTRAGE for a headliner, because who wants to see someone perform hits from the best five album album run in hip-hop history? I mean, if he does “Blame Game” followed by “Heard ‘Em Say” followed by “Stronger” followed by “Paranoid” followed by “Through The Wire,” Coachella will just be the shittiest festival of all time, the argument goes. I mean, how come the Verve couldn’t come out retirement again to play? THAT WOULD BE A SHOW. Right Coachella fans?  


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