Study Shows Women Make Up 26% of TV Staff

    It’s still a man’s man’s man’s world, but the Center for the Study of Women in Film’s newly published research indicates that 26% of “behind-the-scenes” TV personnel (writers, directors, producers, etc.) are women. This number is up 1% from last year’s study.

    According to IndieWire, the annual study, Boxed In: Employment of Behind-the-Scenes Women in the 2011-12 Prime-time Television Season (Martha Lauzen, PhD), tracks major network data from NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and the CW (and also takes into account reality TV). Significant findings include an 8 point rise in female creators to 26% of all staff; 30% of writers are women; and women make up 25% of executive producer positions.

    It should be noted that the study does not denote specific levels within each position; for example, whether the 30% are lead writers or fall lower on the payroll scale. We may have come a long way, baby, but there’s still a long way to go (and don’t call us ‘baby’).