Students In Blackface Re-Enact Chris Brown/Rihanna Beating

    Today’s edition of “Awful Youth that Will Hopefully Never Be Our Future Leaders” is a doozy: three white high school students in Waverly, NY, performed a “satirical reenactment” of Chris Brown’s 2009 assault on Rihanna, IN BLACKFACE.

    This routine was part of a Waverly High School pep rally where all students, teachers, and administration were present, which means the school essentially signed-off on the concept and, uh, costume design. At the very least, they just sat there while it happened in front of them.

    Former students of the high school are rightfully outraged at the administration’s lackadaisical attitude towards the incident. Vlad Chituc, Waverly alum, told CNN: “I think it’s unconscionable that such blatant racism has been tacitly approved.” He further commented that the school administration has a responsibility to create an environment that promotes diversity, one where minority students “feel welcome and comfortable” rather than the subject of unconcealed prejudice.

    Waverly school district superintendent Joseph Yelich made the following statement: “The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through our activities. I will be working with our building administrators, our staff and our students to examine our current activities and develop future activities consistent with our commitment.”

    If the school needs to “develop” a curriculum that doesn’t support racially exploitative “satirical reenactments,” then perhaps the solution is simply to comply with the common sense clause, which states: this is the 21st century, blackface isn’t funny. [The Daily Swarm]