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Strong Arm Steady - "Make Me Feel" f. Jelly Roll

Strong Arm Steady have probably had the best year of their career in 2010. The relatively unknown hard-working L.A.-based rap group came out of nowhere to drop arguably one of the best hip-hop LP's this year with production help from Madlib. Still going strong (yeah, that pun was intended), the three-piece has been hard at work on a new LP in hopes of building of their success this year.


The latest track,"Make Me Feel" from the forthcoming LP, Arms & Hammers, is vastly different from the sound of In Search of Stoney Jackson. Replacing the the upbeat, 70's funk-samples is a Jelly Roll-produced mid-tempo, west-coast bass-heavy beat that is still looking over its shoulder back at Dr. Dre. Sounds good to us, even if it's nothing we haven't already heard.


Strong Arm Steady - Make Me Feel (feat. Jelly Roll)


Arms & Hammers is due out Feb. 1 via Blacksmith/Element 9/Fontana.


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Strong Arm Steady

pretty cool track.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

blacksmith coming thru for the strongarm. big up to kweli. real recognise real!


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